Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parts is parts.... its just some of mine are.. well.. old!

So a severe stomach bug later and here I am, truth is that I have been very busy lately and between my bug and my daughter getting a double ear infection I just haven't had time to post, but enough about that because here I am! The Moto project has gotten no love lately because I have re-aimed my focus onto my K2 for whatever reason, perhaps its because I don't like seeing it with the slicks on it or maybe its just because I like to buy bike stuff.

I wanted to take a ride a few nights ago and the Trek was up stairs, the K2 was sitting in the living room raising its hand while hopping up and down saying "me me me!" but since its set up for the trainer right now it would not be chosen. I decided that I like having options past changing a set of tires out if I wanted to go for a ride so I ordered a set of wheels to have as my "I really want to ride the K2 today" wheelset. The wheelset that I decided on partially because of price and partially on some reviews was some Sun Rhyno lite rims on Shimano Deore hubs, an 11-32 SRAM PG-850 cassette and I will be mounting some WTB Graffiti SF 2.2 tires on the set, it should be a pretty solid set of wheels. I still need to pick up a set of rotors but I am debating that since the stock wheels will be strictly set up for trainer duty I may just steal the rotors off of them to mount on the new wheelset.

You can see in the image that I bought a bit more than just the wheelset stuff, I also have a Sunline XC-1 stem and a set of Bontrager big sweep 12* bars to mount on the K2, I liked the Bontrager bars on my Xcal so much that I figured I would get a set for the K2 as well. With these additions to the K2 there will literally only be a couple things on the bike that are stock (shifters, complete brake set and fork) and with THAT said, I want to install a rigid Surly Instigator fork on the bike as it will be on pulling my daughters in a trailer and Adams trail a bike duty in the warmer months but that will be for another post.

Ok a bit onto the health part of this blog now, I have been within my calorie range but the exercise has been lacking because while I was sick with the bug I also blew my back out so I am recovering from that too. When it comes to my back I don't play around, if it flares up its time to listen to it and relax for a while, old disk injuries are NO JOKE! and missing out on some trainer workouts or some calisthenics just isn't worth the pain. I am waiting patiently for the weather to get just a tad warmer so that I can start running on my 6 mile hilly workout loop on a regular basis, even though it is warmer than usual here in Southern New England I can't get out until after 6PM usually and by then its dark and getting colder so its trainer work for now.

Over all I am still on focus, the bikes are getting played with when I have some free time and I want to get that Motobecane done for some easy spring riding around the neighborhood, Thanks for reading and remember don't be afraid to drop me a comment!

That's all I got.

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