Friday, February 10, 2012

A weigh in and some wheel talk.

Friday has come so it shall be that time to step upon the cold weight telling contraption made from glass plastic and Chinese circuitry again. This morning I did not know what to expect because I have stayed off of the scale for a few days, no reason other than the mornings have been hectic lately so it was business as usual and straight to the scale before my date with Joe. The last time that I weighed in for the blog the number was 364.0, then Evacgutpocolypse happened and I was up in weight which was odd because I had done nothing but evacuate my innards so I did not weigh in last Friday. This week I got back on task with the eating and even though I did zero exercise because of letting my back ease back into every day life the scale did show a loss, I came in at 362.6 which is of course a 1.4 pound loss and I am happy with that considering that I was hurt and sick in that time.

Now that we got the Friday weigh in part of this post taken care of lets talk bike for a moment! I mentioned the new wheelset for the K2 in a post yesterday and this morning I was checking the tracking number and thought that I would add up what I paid for the set, i think that its a great price for a good set of wheels.... but of course I don't even have the whole set in my hands yet so we will have to see just how good it turns out. I am into this wheelset for $159, I pieced it together instead of buying wheels that were ready to put on the bike and taking that time to do so saved me some green stuff I think, here is how the set looks as far as components go.

Sun Rhyno lite rims
Shimano Deore disc hub
SRAM PG-850 11-32 cassette
WTB Graffiti SF 2.2 tires
160MM Avid G2 Rotors
Velox rim tape
Two 26 x 2.2 - 2.5 presta valve tubes

Now I don't think that is an end all set of wheels but I do think for the price paid I got a great deal! and you know that once I get them all set up I will post some images. I have not worked on the Motobecane in a while because I get fixated on one thing at a time and since the K2 was getting some love in the way of the wheels I haven't thought about the Moto. This weekend I am going to try and get most of the polishing that still needs to be done on the Moto completed and then I will just need to get the cables done and buy some tires and tubes. I did decide on either a gunmetal or silver cable housing for the bike and as soon as I narrow that down I will put the order in but I am still undecided on the bar tape/saddle color combo, keeping it simple may be the direction that I go with black/black but like I said, I just don't know yet.

Over all things are good now that the stomach bug I had used and abused me and left without even dropping a $20 on the bedside table, as long as its gone it can keep the $20! I have an old Cannondale frame that i will be starting on when I am done with the Motobecane so look for posts on that in the future, its a 1990 Cannondale SM400 and its in my size so painting it up and getting it roadworthy again will be a fun project that leaves me with another bike to add to the lineup.

Thanks for reading along and until next we meet keep those pedals turning!

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