Sunday, January 20, 2013

Schwinn Crisscross close enough to done to call it done.

So the Crisscross lives! I pulled it up from the dungeon.. er I mean basement, filled the tires up with air and took it for a short spin around the neighborhood just to see if it felt any different with the risers on it. I am sorry to report that this one is not going to be for sale, it seems to have a longer top tube than other bikes and that's the formula for comfort for me as I have short legs and long arms. Initially when I bought this bike it was to flip, it was a craigslist find and I put minimal dollars into it so far but since it fits me so well I don't see why I shouldn't keep it.

I first bought the left shifter for it off of ebay and installed that, the bike functioned as it should, next I popped a rear rack that I had laying around onto the bike but it was not the right size and into the shed it went until recently. I liked the way the bike felt but thought it would benefit from some new bars as the straight bars that were on it were starting to rust and since I had an extra set of low risers I shot them with a coat of black automotive paint let them dry and on they went. I bought a set of Planet bike Trippy grips a while back with the thought that they would end up on this bike and the blue in them matches the blue lettering on the frame pretty good so they were a great buy. 

I did have to buy a shorter M6 bolt for the left side brake lever as it was poking through the cover on the brake and I like the way the bike looks currently. The only addition I would like to add is a set of black fenders and this will likely become a poor weather rider or as I mentioned the bike that I take for a quick ride to the store when I know I will be riding the road and the trails. This bike is fairly light feeling and pretty responsive, I still have a couple small things to do to truly call it complete like taking that plastic disk off of the rear wheel and some final touch ups on a few very small rust spots but again I say this bike is in really good shape and rides as it should. 

Fenders to come and its going to be an all around kind of ride, lend to a bikeless friend, or quick run here or there just for kicks kind of bike, Over all I am happy with how its come along. 

Keep those cranks turning!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some time with the Schwinn CrissCross

This evening I got to spend a little time with the Schwinn CrissCross and I got it pretty much done which is awesome! the not so aawesome part is that when I bought this bike I bought it as a keeper and Wify is trying to get me to thin the herd a bit. I removed the rear rack that I had added a summer ago took the flat bars off which were all rusty and replaced them with some low risers and added some Planet bike Trippy grips with blue trim to match the lettering on the frame. I also picked up a new shorter bolt for the brake lever so everything fits right now and the bike looks pretty cool in my opinion the only thing I would like to add is some black fenders to finish it off as a run to the store or quick ride on the road to rail trail bike. The brakes were adjusted and I lubed the chain the bike is ready to ride as I type and I may take it out tomorrow for a quick spin on my short loop ride that I use when I take a non bike riding friend for a quick spin just to see how it feels with the short risers on it.
I did not get any images yet as I literally just came up from the basement and thought I would pop a quick post out there for anyone reading along and will do my best to get a few up tomorrow or later in the week. This bike feels good initially to me and could really make a nice extra bike or even a light tourer.
Tomorrow I am planing on finishing the Motobecane up, I just need to wrap the bars and cut the pins that were extra long for the turkey leg brake levers for it to be a complete bike but to make it respectable looking I do believe a new saddle and some hoods are in order. I was initially going to put hammered fenders on the bike along with honey bar tape and saddle but since I decided that it just does not fit me comfortably I am afraid it will be sold. Because of the likelihood of the bike going up for sale I went with a more universally accepted meaning a more common looking red tape by fi'zi:k and to sell the bicycle was leaning towards a black saddle and no hoods but I believe it will be an easier sell with a honey/tan saddle and hoods so I may put the extra money into it for that reason.
Getting some time with the bikes lately and I will try and keep this blog updated as much as possible, if you are reading along feel free to pass the link to anyone that you think may enjoy it.
Thats it for tonight, until next time keep those cranks turning!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crisscross and the Nomade, just an update.

I have been less than as far as this blog goes for a while but fear not my seven followers! I have begun the madness of playing with my double wheeled contraptions in the basement again and will attempt to post regularly which perhaps will help gain a couple more followers! I pulled the Crisscross and the Motobecane down there and will do my best to get some images and progress reports up here. The Moto will be sold as I found out I just don't like the way it feels to ride it, can this be fixed with different bars? perhaps but I have grown less attached to it since the summer and a couple short rides which is a shame because of the love that was put into the bike, yes I just said love went into the bike.

My Crisscross I kind of have an attachment to, and its for no other reason than the frame fits me and I think it would make a decent short tour bike, problem is I do need to thin the herd a bit and get rid of some of the 16 or so bikes that I currently have. My wife would like nothing more than to see all but 3 or 4 bikes gone but I tend to want to keep everything that I get that is even slightly different than something else I may have and I have a  disease when it comes to prowling for the next bike so they are stacking up. Maybe I can talk the boss lady into keeping one more if I sell it to her as "its so that I can go on longer rides honey" which she will of course read into and know it would mean more money for racks, panniers etc so we shall see.  

I will keep this post short and sweet but look for more coming soon with images of whatever I may be working on or where I may be riding, its coming! I promise! also if anyone has a source for 16x2.0 tires that would fit on that RS16 that I picked up please leave a comment! I have considered buying a girls 16 inch bike just for the tires but I think I would like it to look good too so a source for something more the same vintage may be the way to go. Did I mention that I would like to keep the RS16 too?

Thanks for reading and whatever you do keep those cranks turning!