Sunday, January 20, 2013

Schwinn Crisscross close enough to done to call it done.

So the Crisscross lives! I pulled it up from the dungeon.. er I mean basement, filled the tires up with air and took it for a short spin around the neighborhood just to see if it felt any different with the risers on it. I am sorry to report that this one is not going to be for sale, it seems to have a longer top tube than other bikes and that's the formula for comfort for me as I have short legs and long arms. Initially when I bought this bike it was to flip, it was a craigslist find and I put minimal dollars into it so far but since it fits me so well I don't see why I shouldn't keep it.

I first bought the left shifter for it off of ebay and installed that, the bike functioned as it should, next I popped a rear rack that I had laying around onto the bike but it was not the right size and into the shed it went until recently. I liked the way the bike felt but thought it would benefit from some new bars as the straight bars that were on it were starting to rust and since I had an extra set of low risers I shot them with a coat of black automotive paint let them dry and on they went. I bought a set of Planet bike Trippy grips a while back with the thought that they would end up on this bike and the blue in them matches the blue lettering on the frame pretty good so they were a great buy. 

I did have to buy a shorter M6 bolt for the left side brake lever as it was poking through the cover on the brake and I like the way the bike looks currently. The only addition I would like to add is a set of black fenders and this will likely become a poor weather rider or as I mentioned the bike that I take for a quick ride to the store when I know I will be riding the road and the trails. This bike is fairly light feeling and pretty responsive, I still have a couple small things to do to truly call it complete like taking that plastic disk off of the rear wheel and some final touch ups on a few very small rust spots but again I say this bike is in really good shape and rides as it should. 

Fenders to come and its going to be an all around kind of ride, lend to a bikeless friend, or quick run here or there just for kicks kind of bike, Over all I am happy with how its come along. 

Keep those cranks turning!

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  1. Clyde -

    i love your blog. i'm curious if you are interested in selling the crisscross? let me know, but either way, keep it up!