Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crisscross and the Nomade, just an update.

I have been less than as far as this blog goes for a while but fear not my seven followers! I have begun the madness of playing with my double wheeled contraptions in the basement again and will attempt to post regularly which perhaps will help gain a couple more followers! I pulled the Crisscross and the Motobecane down there and will do my best to get some images and progress reports up here. The Moto will be sold as I found out I just don't like the way it feels to ride it, can this be fixed with different bars? perhaps but I have grown less attached to it since the summer and a couple short rides which is a shame because of the love that was put into the bike, yes I just said love went into the bike.

My Crisscross I kind of have an attachment to, and its for no other reason than the frame fits me and I think it would make a decent short tour bike, problem is I do need to thin the herd a bit and get rid of some of the 16 or so bikes that I currently have. My wife would like nothing more than to see all but 3 or 4 bikes gone but I tend to want to keep everything that I get that is even slightly different than something else I may have and I have a  disease when it comes to prowling for the next bike so they are stacking up. Maybe I can talk the boss lady into keeping one more if I sell it to her as "its so that I can go on longer rides honey" which she will of course read into and know it would mean more money for racks, panniers etc so we shall see.  

I will keep this post short and sweet but look for more coming soon with images of whatever I may be working on or where I may be riding, its coming! I promise! also if anyone has a source for 16x2.0 tires that would fit on that RS16 that I picked up please leave a comment! I have considered buying a girls 16 inch bike just for the tires but I think I would like it to look good too so a source for something more the same vintage may be the way to go. Did I mention that I would like to keep the RS16 too?

Thanks for reading and whatever you do keep those cranks turning!

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