Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A good place to start

This shall mark the beginning, the beginning of what you ask? the beginning of a run for a goal that was set long ago in a fat mans dreams which is not so far away. In the beginning I weighed much more than I currently weigh and I slammed myself into a strict regimen that included a low calorie diet and not much exercise to begin with and that turned into a low calorie diet with lots of exercise. Somewhere along the trail guided by comfort and perhaps some cockiness I seem to have lost my way, but in that same time I found passion for something which was long ago forgotten, my love of being on top of something with two wheels.

I own more than a couple of bicycles and primarily ride mountain bikes on rail trails and around the streets in my very hilly very rural area somewhere in the North East United States. Normally I sit the winter out where bicycle riding is concerned and utilize the gym for my exercise but this time around things are different with the addition of a new baby in my life getting out to the gym on anything that resembles a regular basis is tough. My lovely wife bought me a bicycle trainer for Christmas and I thought it was a good starting point for a blog so here we are.

The Trainer is a CycleOps fluid 2 and is my first experience with a trainer, I will be using a mountain bike with a 26 inch wheel when I use the trainer and will report here my experiences with it along with my weight loss. My eating plan is going to be 2200 calories per day to start off (my last successful weight loss plan was a lower calorie allotment) and I will be posting my weight up in a post some time tomorrow for a starting point and I expect it to drop several pounds in the first few days/week because I know that I am a tad bit up from the Christmas eating and its just fluid weight. At any rate that's my story and I'm sticking to it, Hopefully I will pick up some readers as I could use the support if I am being honest and this will be a journal to show how a fat man and two wheels can in fact change his health.

So it begins.

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