Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trainer wha??

Ultimately I am hoping that I will be able to post about how I lost about 100 pounds by this time next year and can have a place to reflect back to see what worked for me, and hopefully not too much of what did not work. I have a plan in my head right now on how I am going to drop this 100 pounds, sticking to that plan is the hard part as I know that it will work as long as I do my part. I have dropped a lot of weight in the past few years but then life happened and I stalled which eventually lead to me gaining some of the lost weight back and I just ain't cool with those terms so here we are taking small steps in the right direction.

My calories for yesterday were 2150, I did get onto the trainer last night for a mere 10 minutes and I am counting that as a sort of feeling it out ride. The plan for tonight is to go for 15 minutes so that I can work myself back into respectable saddle time because the last ride that I took was 17 miles to give you an idea of whats "normal" for me. Riding for 10 minutes and feeling it was how do I say? embarrassing? yeah that's a good word for it, I mean I could have gone more but why? I am going to ease myself into the riding the trainer thing instead of throwing myself into the cage and hoping that the lion has mercy, we will get there.

Speaking of the saddle, the one thing that I will be changing on the bike is the saddle! I have a WTV Pure V race saddle on the bike that I am using on the trainer and its comfy enough for real riding but sitting still I am feeling it more than I think I should. Sure my ass is probably soft from the lack of riding for the last two months but at the same time I have a very comfy hybrid saddle that I can put on for trainer use so why not save myself some discomfort?

A successful day in the books so onto another, today the ride will be longer and I am fine tuning the food that I eat in an attempt to get back into the whole foods road that I was walking down not so long ago.

Here's to a lighter me.

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