Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The initial weigh in along with some thoughts

This morning I remembered that I started this blog so I hopped onto the scale for a comparison number, I'll admit that I did not like what that cold piece of glass and plastic had to say to me but it is as they say what it is. My baseline weight will officially be a portly 379.4 pounds and hanging off of my six foot four tall frame I am in every sense of the word what the cycling community would call a "Clydesdale", I cannot change the terms and conditions where my height puts me into that category but I can try to get the weight there.

I know what to do, I know that I am capable of losing weight and exercising, in fact when I get started the exercise gets somewhat addicting my problem lately is a timing issue along with some things in my life getting in the way and wedging themselves into my cranial cavity on an emotional level. Making a commitment to myself which in turn is making one to my family is my game plan and since riding my bikes is something that I have a great passion for I figure why not use that to un-round myself a bit, right?

I'm just a fat guy who knows that he needs to drop some pounds, I invite you to come along for the ride and you can cheer me on, just read along in the background or make fun of me while tossing rotten fruit at me, any way that its cut here it is. Three hundred seventy nine point four pounds is my beginning spot, I am aiming to be as low as possible by the time riding season comes around again, and though I haven't picked a goal weight yet I am sure that will come in a later post. My will, a bike trainer and some good choices where the food is the subject and I am on my way to some good results... as long as I do my part.

Feel free to leave a comment, or like I said toss rotten fruit if you must.

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