Friday, December 30, 2011

Weight update & the CycleOps Fluid 2

In the spirit of getting a post up as often as possible adding the fact that its Friday and that is traditionally a good day to "weigh in" I thought I would post a weigh in update for myself. I have been weighing myself daily since I started writing in this blog, Having a visual reference does a lot for me because of seeing trends with the ups and downs so I keep a text doc on my desktop with each days weight on it. Here is my starting weight and what I weighed this morning as it shows on my text doc.

379.4 LBS 12-28-11
376.4 LBS 12-29-11

374.6 LBS 12-30-11

4.8 pounds total since the 28th, I suspect that much of that is water weight from getting back into the whole healthy eating thing and that 374.6lb mark will be a more realistic number to gauge next Friday against.

While I was here I thought that I would post a photo of my new CycleOps fluid 2 up just for fun, so there that is. I did not ride on the trainer last night because of a surprise visit from a family member but the plan is to get a ride in today for sure. I am going to attempt to post the time in minutes ridden on the trainer somewhere on the side bar of this blog too, again because visual references work well for me. Something that I need to address is the noise coming from the tire on the trainer, When my wife bought the trainer she picked up a smoother wheel for me to use and though its not deafeningly loud the Michelin Country Rock is louder than I anticipated it being at first glance. I was planning on riding the trainer when the baby napped but our home is small and the loudness of this tire will be an issue in that department for sure. I am planning to get a pure slick to see if the noise level goes down so I think that a Bontrager road warrior select slick is in my near future and maybe I will post up videos showing the difference in sound between the two.

Not a bad re-start, the weight is coming down already and hopefully that trend keeps going the same way, I will be working on getting back into my "whole foods" diet again as I feel great when I eat clean... who wouldda thunk?

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