Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rebirth of slick, its cool like dat.

Wow! nine days since I posted but here I am with an update post, Things have been going as planned besides me getting sick and the weight is still coming down. Friday I weighed 372.6 pounds and that is a loss of exactly 2 pounds and that works for me! My eating is getting cleaner with me adding more whole foods back into my diet while taking as much processed junk out again, yes again, I was once on a path of purely whole foods and its how I lost most of the weight that I have in the past four years.

The Bontrager SR1 slick mounted on the bike.

The fluid trainer is working out great for me but the tire that my wife bought for me when she picked up the trainer was not a slick so it was not very quiet and since I plan on riding while the baby naps this presented a problem. I ordered a 26 inch slick from the LBS last week and it came in Friday, off I went to pick it up and onto the bike went the new tire a Bontrager SR1 and I have to admit the initial test ride was MUCH more quiet than the Michelin Country rock that it replaced. Thinking ahead like any good blogger I took a short video of a ride with the Michelin mounted on the bike so that I could compare the sound comparison between the two so as soon as I get a chance I will record the SR1's sound level and post both videos.

Keeping my calories within the limits that I have set for myself seems to be doing the trick for now, of course they can be adjusted along the way as I have a feeling that when the warmer weather comes back and I begin to do longer rides on the trails again the calories needed may go up. I am looking forward to this coming week even though I have to kick whatever this is in my chest I am hoping for a good week in the weight loss department.

If anyone out there is reading this, I thank you.

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