Monday, January 9, 2012

Easy like Monday morning...

Woke up this morning feeling a bit better than I have for the last 3 or so days so that's a good thing, I am still not feeling good enough to get on the trainer as this cold or whatever it is resides majorly in my chest, sucks. Because I am not feeling well does not give me free reign on the food though, I have been as strict as ever with my calories and am still tweaking the intake so that there are more veggies and whole foods than anything processed so in that regard I am still on the yellow brick road.

The bike with new slick installed is currently mocking me from the side of the room, I think it knows that this break from action is temporary and is happy that there is not a 370 pound guy working it over for the time being, this will soon change. lately I am also finding that I want to go for a real ride, if I wasn't feeling down I might have pulled the Trek out for a short ride this weekend but again, I don't want to push this whatever it is that has me coughing like a sea lion so for now its no riding indoors or out.

The plan for the week is to keep adding more whole foods back into my diet, drink much green tea and ride the trainer as soon as the seal gets out of my chest, I believe that come Friday I will have dropped some weight. I do weigh myself daily and I keep a log of it just so that I can see the trending with the fluctuations etc when compared to my food log but for the sake of the blog Fridays will be the day that I record what I weigh. There you have it, that's my big plan to get my ass back into a more fit state of being, will it work? I believe so but I will indeed have to do my part, the trainer will be a critical part of that equation and I believe that come warmer weather I will be conditioned better so that I can get right back into my regular riding again without having to "train" myself back into the same distances that I was riding before it got cold.

I noticed that I have a follower on the blog! hopefully this brave soul will be the beginning of an army of cyclists & people looking to drop a few pounds who can support one another down this road to better health.

Thanks for reading along and keep on pedaling!

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