Thursday, January 19, 2012

Polishing, pedaling and a pre weigh in update.

Twenty minutes on the trainer later I decided that since I got a workout in that I would muss about with the Motobecane that I mentioned in This post, I pulled the front and rear brakes off and decided that I would clean and polish them up a bit. I did not use a wire brush or anything, just some automotive rubbing compound and an old sock, I am not going for show room shine as I plan on riding this bike but just clean and somewhat shiny and I think I accomplished that. My camera takes too good of photos and the brakes look way nicer than the image shows even though they look good in the image! The plan is to each night after dinner do something small on the bike in the hopes that one day I go down to pull something off and find a completely freshened up bicycle.

I did not take a photo before I cleaned the brakes so this is all I have to compare.

A shot of the front brakes after cleaning.

Onto the Fat guy part of this blog, I have been keeping my calories at no more than 2200 calories since re-starting down this road to better health and honestly I am finding that many days I don't even reach that 2200 mark. The lowest day that I have had so far is about 1800 and I have not gone over 2200, this calorie range seems to be working for me as the weight is coming down nicely right now at what I consider a great pace. My intake is pretty much at about 90% whole foods, I do eat Turkey pepperoni along with a couple of other things that I just don't want to give up and I have been trying to eat a big salad for dinner at least four times per week. Giving up my morning cup of Joe has proven more difficult this time around, when I started down this road back on 07 I was completely off of the good stuff but it's just something that I really enjoy! not to mention in the warmer months I like to have a half of a cup before a long ride, either way I would like to have it less.

Onto the trainer, when I first began riding the trainer I felt it in my knees a bit, now I am unsure if that was because I had not ridden in some time or if the weight that I put on was affecting me more than I wanted to admit. Now that I have been semi regularly riding again via the trainer my knees have not bothered me at all for about a week which is always a great thing! Getting my legs back is important to me because once the weather warms up I want to get back out on the bike again because I am really missing my long rides on the rail trail, having to ease back into it because of knee pain or extra weight would take the fun out if it for sure.

Over all things are on track and I honestly believe that I will reach my goal of hitting 305 pounds or below by May 25th is within reason, as long as I do my part, so that's what I'm going to do.

That's it for today kids.

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