Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new old project, 1976 Motobecane Nomade Sprint

Since this is a cycling related blog along with a fat guy losing weight blog I thought it appropriate that I post up a sort of project that I bought about a year ago and never started. This is a 1976 Motobecane Nomade Sprint and it is in what appears to be 100% stock condition besides the seat, did I mention that its very close to my size? I picked it up one afternoon while dropping some items no longer needed at the Salvation army when I saw it collecting dust in the back room hidden behind some children's bicycles. The price paid was a mere $13 and that's rounded up, it was $12 and changeand the photos below is exactly how I got it, everything is there and it pedals, shifts and brakes as it should but the bike needs a lot of work before I would call it reliable.

I decided that I would work on it this winter to see if I can get it on the road for the spring, the old Namade will need at least cables, bar tape, tires, tubes a new seat and lots of elbow grease to get this old bicycle where I envision it. I put it in my bike stand this afternoon and am planning on starting the take down and scrubbing of the components in my spare time, like I have much of that! I am on the fence with a couple things like what color cable housings and bar tape to use, if anyone is reading along would care to either comment or send me an email with suggestions it would help. My options are to either stick with the stock red and call it a day or I am thinking that black housings, tape and hoods would look good on a silver bike but as I stated, I am on the fence.

Another project that I have is an early 80's (1982 -1983) Zullo Criterium pictured above, this frame is very much too small for me which is a shame as it is a pretty cool little bike. My initial idea was to get it in ridable condition and flip on Craigslist but the more that I think about it making it into a nice little gift for my wife sounds like a better idea to me, she does not ride right now but I hope that one day she will head on out with me and if she has a nice bike to head out on perhaps she will be more likely to give it a go.

My weight loss is on track and the weight is still coming down, I am lighter than I was on Friday which is always a good thing! The plan for this evening is a spin on the trainer, a big salad for dinner and maybe I will head on down to that Motobecane to start taking stuff off to polish it, then I will need to start tracking down some tape and cables for it so that sooner than later I can have it ready to go. if you are reading along I hope that you are enjoying the blog so far, it helps me to write things down that have to do with the weight loss and I always enjoy sharing my bicycle obsession.... um I mean hobby.

That's it for today kids.

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  1. I have a silver Nomade bought new in '77. Your bike looks very original. Unlike yours mine came with Huret shifters & derailleurs but Motobecane did use Suntour also. My wife has a '76 Mirage mixte we bought at the same time and it came with the Suntour setup. The Nomade was Motobecanes cheapest model, it has a plain 1020 tubeset and steel rims and the finish is not as nice as their better bikes but still it's a good, solid machine. Motobecane never built any junk. It is very much worthy of any effort you put into cleaning it up.
    I would bet with a little tear down/cleaning/greasing, new tires and a nice seat you will have a great bike.

    I never really liked the drop bars and 5 years ago I switched to flat, swept back bars which was a great upgrade. Just this winter I began the process of re-purposing it into a daily ride/commuter bike. I spread the rear stays and installed a 700c wheel set with a 7 speed hybrid cluster, Grip Shift indexed shifter, new rear derailleur, and fatter (32 mm) hybrid tires. It rides and handles great. After I have put some miles on it and am sure I have the set up just like I want it I'll strip it back down and have it powder-coated. Have fun with yours.

    If you want to see a beautiful bike google Motobecane Grand Record. Way back in '77 when I bought my Nomade they had 2 of these at the bike shop. Deep, shiny black with red steerer and highlights. Stunning. The photos don't do justice, I have seen custom handbuilt bikes that didn't look as nice.