Friday, January 20, 2012

It's weigh in day.

I have decided that instead of a long post for today I will just post my weight this morning along with a short synopsis of how yesterday went. I did get a ride on the trainer into the day, 20 minutes seems to be easy which is no real surprise but I am finding that my junk is still falling asleep in that time, this confuses me because I have ridden for far longer than that without issue, I do need to mount that comfort seat that I have laying around to see if there is a difference. My calories were exactly where I wanted them to be for the day and I made an antipasto for dinner and my weight is in fact down from last Friday. The scale whispered to me that I had reached 364.0 pounds, that is a 2.4 pound loss for the week and is fine by me! I am planning on doing some work on the Motobecane over the weekend so there may be some pictures to look at come Monday possibly even by Sunday.

That's it for today, a 2.4 pound loss on the week is fine by me and now to keep that ball rolling.

Thanks for reading.

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