Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A new look and a mid week update

There's a new look in town, I had some free time so I basically scrapped the entire template that I had been using to this point in favor for what you are seeing right now. The new look is cleaner I think and better represents me so this is how it shall stay.

I am finally beating this cold that has been with me for the better part of two weeks and last night I hopped in the trainer, I only did 20 minutes and felt awesome! The only reason I cut it at 20 minutes is well the trainer is not exactly like riding the bike out on the trail and what makes me say that is my junk. Yeah I went there, after a mere 20 minutes on the trainer I noticed that my junk was how do I say? falling asleep? yeah that's about right. I understand that the trainer is not going to mimic a real ride but the bike is set up for me, saddle height adjusted properly, handlebars where they should be and I have ridden this bike 25 miles before without issue so you would think that 20 minutes on the trainer would be easy peasy. Unfortunately I will have to figure this issue out because causing my boys and their friend that they hang out with any discomfort is not really an option for me, perhaps I could mount a comfort seat that I have laying around on there for trainer use.

My weight is coming down almost daily, if I can hold my ground I believe that Friday will bring me a decent loss again which is awesome news. Ramping up the time in the trainer will be a good push in that department as well and though the trainer is doing what it's designed to do for me I am really missing the rail trails with everything they have to offer. I really should just pull the Trek out and toss my lights on it so that I can do a quick after dinner ride one of these days because having my daughter all day does not really afford me a day light opportunity to get out there during the week.

My life has been so different since I dropped the weight that I have already lost and I am looking at this whole love of cycling as the beginning of a new chapter in that story. Reaching my weight loss goals will go along with getting there with my bicycling goals, they are hand in hand and I believe that by the end of this year I will reach my goal weight and my cycling will be a large part of the success.

That's all I got for today kids, but won't you follow along while I carve a new body out of the larger version that I now carry around using my bikes as the tool?

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