Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just an update, some time on the trainer as well.

Phlegm be damned! I decided that I was taking a ride on the trainer last night, curiosity was getting the better of me and I wanted to see just how much more quiet the slick was going to be not to mention that I just really wanted to get a short ride in. I only ride for 16 minutes, artially because my arse has how do I say? softened up a lot! since not riding regularly for more than 2 months and because I want to ease into longer rides to save my knees which started hurting near the end of the year on rides. The slick was quiet enough that my wife was in the room holding the baby and she fell asleep as I pedaled so that is a plus I think, I wouldn't call it silent by any stretch of the word but it was pretty quiet, especially compared to the other tire that I had on there previously.

My intake is holding strong and the 2200 calories that I am allowing myself seems to be more than I need as I have been lately having an excess at the end of the night so I have been a tad low the last couple of days where my calories go. To make up for some of the difference I have been having a yogurt about an hour before bed and this seems to help as I wake up and do not eat breakfast immediately but I am rarely hungry when I wake up anyways but I do normally have a cup of coffee, the last vice that I am slowly weening myself off of again. Eating carbs late is again off of the menu, I cut them out of my dinner for the most part but its not something that is written in stone, just some guidelines and as long as I am mostly following that, its what worked in the past.

So all in all things are back where they need to be and in two days time I will weigh in for the blog again, the weight is coming down so I am just hoping that I can keep this pace... in fact I hope that I can increase the pace in the way of more time on the trainer.

This is the plan, I shall execute as well as I can, so until next time, keep on pedaling!

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