Friday, January 13, 2012

A Friday weigh in update for mister Clyde.

So its Friday and that means that I will record my weight on here again, Last Friday I weighed 372.6 pounds and this morning the scale had nice things to say to me when it whispered 366.4 and that is a 6.2 pound drop since last Friday. Adjusting my food so that I am not eating too many carbs later in the day seems to be making a difference on the scale and I am not finding myself hungry at all at any point in the day and that's always a good thing.

The trainer is going well, The first week my hindquarter was not really loving the experience but since its toughening back up the riding is a breeze. I rode for 16 minutes last night which I know is not an awesome workout but something that I have learned in the past couple of years is that when I start off hitting it hard I usually end up hurting myself. Last nights ride went easy peasy, I had a bit of sweat on my brow, heart rate was elevated, arse was feeling ok and my legs had a lot more in them. I am not one to really worry about such things but since I haven't picked up a wireless bike computer to mount on the back wheel yet I had my wife time a minute so that I could see what my cadence was and I am pedaling at about 84 RPM which is decent I think. If anyone can recommend a decent cheap wireless computer that is capable of using a cadence sensor I would appreciate it, I already have Sigma that is mounted to the front wheel but its not wireless and it gets used when I ride the bike outside.

I got a visit from the big brown truck yesterday as well, The fellow dropped off some cycling stuff that I ordered recently and I always like getting bike stuff! I ordered 2 front fenders (one for my Trek and one for a friend), a pair of Planet bike Trippy grips for a project bike that I have, a pair of Castelli knee warmers and a pair of WTB Graffiti SF 2.2 tires (which are not in the photo) to mount on an extra set of wheels for my trainer bike. I was skeptical on whether the knee warmers would fit me good since I am a larger fella but I tried them on and think they will do just fine, the reason for the warmers is that in colder weather I find that my knees hurt a bit after a ride and I have a strong suspicion that its because I ride in shorts no matter the weather and they are not having time to warm up properly, we shall see if this fixes that issue.

A successful week for my health a more than six pound drop in a week as awesome in my book, I should be ramping the length of time on the trainer this week so we will see what next Friday brings.

If you are reading along I thank you.

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