Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random, food, trainer and some more of the same.

Kicking this chest thing and feeling like I may give the trainer a whirl tonight, I haven't been able to give the new slick a proper go yet and am looking forward to seeing just how much more quiet it is. Yesterday I had a bit of a snafu with dinner ad my kids had an appointment with the dentist and I forgot to eat... The plan was that I pick my daughter up from school drop her and my son off with Wify at the dentist and I was going to go looking around a local sporting goods store but its not how it worked out at all.

Breakfast was fine, I then ate at 11:30 am again and was leaving the house around 2:30m and figured that I would grab a banana on the way out the door to hold me over until later, welp I forgot the banana. The dentist was just a cleaning and "should only take 30 minutes" so I was convinced to hang out and wait, 30 minutes was an hour and a half which left me at 4:30pm-ish having not eaten a bite since 11:30am. My mood was less than pleasant and with a truck full of rowdy kids it wasn't getting better, we decided to grab dinner out since the appointment took so much longer than it should have and we ended up at Applebees where I finally got some calories put into me at around 5:45pm, now we're more than 6 hours between a meal, not good.

Eating too late is never a good thing in my opinion, but I ended up snacking once I got home to get closer to my calorie limit for the day because going too low usually ends with the next day being hard. My calories were a bit low for yesterday but that's fine I just don't like the big gap between meals and its kind of throwing me off today in the way of me feeling hungry all morning. I am hoping that by taking a ride on the trainer I will throw this feeling off as a workout tends to have that kind of effect on me, I am feeling pretty confident that if I take the ride easy I can get in something resembling a workout.

Something else that I wanted to mention is how the seat on my bike feels harder when its on the trainer, now this could be in my head or even just because I am not riding regular like so my arse needs to toughen up but I have a feeling that it has something to do with the fact that there is no give with the trainer. Kind of a random post but I wanted to try and get one up so there it is, hopefully I can get onto the trainer regularly very soon and can try and get that compare video up between the two tires and the sound levels of each, also I noticed that I have 3 followers now! I think that's awesome to know that at least 3 people have taken a look at the blog!

Until next time.

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